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About Abha

Abha is a city in Saudi Arabi and also the capital of the Asir Region in the Country. Abha is also referred to with nicknames like The City of Fog and Bride of Mountain. Abha has four quarters, one of which is the largest and contains an old fortress. Abha is the sixth largest population in the Kingdom.

Abha is famous for its climate, so it is popular for tourist destinations as of Mild Climate. Hills surround the city, and the valley near the town is filled with gardens, streams, and beautiful fields. Abha is famous for being the highest large city in Saudi Arabia of above 2200 meters, and even some parts of the town are even higher than 2400 meters above.

Until World War II, Abha was the capital for Prince of Asir Ibn Ayde, under the Ottoman Empire Authorization. Later during the 19th century, Prince Yahya bin Hasun Al Ayde conquered the throne and gave complete independence to the city. During the Unification of Saudi Arabia, Asir was Conquered by a tribe called Ikhwan. As Abha has many historical places, the heritage liberated within the region and continued Abha as the Asir Region's capital.

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Abha International Airport is the airport of Abha. The airport is used for public type, and the Government in the Asir Region runs the airport. The airport has two terminals and serves both domestic and international destinations as well.

Famous Foods in Abha

The food of Abha is the same as the whole of Saudi Arabia. The best places to dine in Abha are the Assalam Palace Hotel, Origin Burger, Al Sinara, Alkarkand Restaurant, Palm Court Cafe, Pizza Hut, Restaurant Nights India, Soho Square restaurant, Tariq, Bake N Take, Maharaj Indian restaurant, Leon Cafe, N Lounge, KFC, Friends Burger House, Starbucks, Master Fatira, The Plate, Texas Chicken, City Proust, Burger King, Rashed Abha- Texas Chicken, Abha Al Mansak- Burger King.

Abha Culture

The culture of Abha is related to any Saudi Arabian Cities Culture. The Government of Saudi Arabia made Abha a tourist destination; now, the city holds memorable events like sports day, exhibitions, musical concerts, festivals, and many grand events. Apart from such events, Abha celebrates all the other Muslim Religious festivals as well with great honor. When it comes to clothing women, wear abaya with Hijazi and men long dress, but no shorts. Abha is a perfect destination in the Mountains in the Kingdom.

Abha Highlights

Abha city has some fantastic sites to view. They are Jabal Sawda, Abu Kheyal Park, Aseer National Park, Andalus Park, The Art Street, Green Mountain, Abha Dam, Al Salam Park, Al Sahab Park, Al Raqdi Museum, Al Muftaha Archaeological Museum, Sparky's amusement ride, the Fog Amusuesment Park, Abha Al Jadidah Cable Car Station, Waterfall Park, Al Soudah National Park, Damside Park, Eid Grand Masjid, Raidah Sanctuary, Mohmad Al- Rahim Historical Place.

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