The New MAX order made the Retirements of Boeing 737-700 in Southwest

As for this day, a new order placed by Southwest Airlines. The order was a Boeing 737 MAX and announced its fleet flexibility, directness, and much more indulgence in its dependence. A trial began for the retirement of Boeing 737-700 aircraft as the airlines started to enlarge its Boeing 737 MAX 7 order book. There was a transformation of MAX 8 orders to MAX 7 and many other airlines' features in MAX jets. There was an order to take new 100 firms for Boeing 737 MAX 7 jets, caught up an agreement with Airlines, Southwest, Alaska, United and Ryanair.

At the moment, the airline set to plan a long-term, flexible agenda to outrage the present pandemic and other natural causes, with the hope of delivering the MAX 7 for the upcoming year. The airline also planned for the retirement of its fleet for its subsidiary Boeing 737-700 aircraft.  There was a set of retirements, happened in the Southwest Airlines, as 36 Boeing 737-700 aircraft were retired in 2020, and eight more to retire in the early's of 2021, which leaves the Southwest airlines to 462 737-700 aircraft, from being 470 737-700 of the fleet, with 16 years old of age as average. Additional nine more retirements were anticipating this year.

There was the premise of replacing half the fleet of its 462 737-700's in future as jets reach the age of mid-20. The retirements of Boeing 737-700 should catch up from 20222, as of every year there was a significant amount of over 60-70 aircraft per year were about to evacuate from the fleet, mainly the older Boeing's.

Southwest airlines are confident about the betterment of weather and even in case of any catastrophe occurs, the airlines are ready to face it with its fleet being flexible and aspects to work, and the belief became stronger with its new MAX order.

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The New MAX order made the Retirements of Boeing 737-700 in Southwest

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